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Real Estate Tax Lien Network instructs investors in how to profit from tax lien certificates. Our tools and methods provide a straightforward approach to taking advantage of these widely available profit opportunities.


Our teaching methods, which include written and audio media, give our students the basics of tax lien investment so they can quickly find tax lien opportunities, easily conduct the necessary research, and be fully prepared to succeed in this lucrative area.


Updated Lists of Available Tax Lien Opportunities and Tax Lien Auctions: We do a major part of the groundwork and research for our students by providing current lists of tax liens and auctions. This saves a huge amount of time that our trainees can better spend on actually investing.


Tax Liens Available for Purchase: Our students can save even more time by purchasing the tax liens we’ve already gotten access to using the methods we teach. This is a great way for new investors (and even veteran investors) to build their tax lien investment businesses quickly.

Tax Liens and How They Function

When the property taxes on a piece of real estate have been delinquent for one year, the county government offers a tax lien certificate on the property. The purchaser of that certificate holds a first position lien on the property and is paid a fixed rate of return, which can vary from 8% to 36% per year, depending on the regulations in each county.  To purchase a tax lien certificate, investors pay one year’s back taxes and whatever penalties have accrued. For some properties the cost can be less than $100, while others can run to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

An investment in a tax lien is secured by the property, in the same way a mortgage would be. The advantage of a tax lien certificate is that it has a prior claim over any mortgage on a property. In addition, property taxes are just a small percentage of the property’s total value, generally less than 2%. This means a tax lien certificate is secured by real property at least 50 to 1. Compare that to a deposit in a bank, where money is secured only on a dollar for dollar basis, or 1 to 1. Tax lien certificates offer a highly secure investment environment.

Another advantage of tax lien investing is that it is simple to execute. Once investors get the basics down, they just need to learn the specific rules and procedures for the markets they want to invest in, and then do their due-diligence by thoroughly investigating properties as we instruct. With the basic procedures understood, investors can acquire tax lien certificates anywhere in America, without ever leaving their own homes. And it can take just four hours a week, and often less to run this investment business. Of course, the more time and effort one is willing to put into the process, the greater the potential for success.

Once a year, most county governments hold an auction for tax lien certificates on all real estate properties that have been delinquent in their property taxes for one year. Any investor can participate in these auctions and take ownership of tax lien certificates paying 8% to 36% interest per year. The rate varies depending on the specific county holding the auction. The good news for investors is that while auctions mark the beginning of the process, investors don’t to have physically attend auctions to acquire certificates.

Investors in tax lien certificates pay the delinquent tax bill, and legally become the first position lien holder of record on that property. Investors receive a guaranteed high interest rate of 8% to 36% depending on the county, and when the delinquent property taxes are paid [by whom?], investors receive back all of their original investment in addition to the interest they made.

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